Import Patches from Older Versions

Most of patches are compatibles from the V5 but workspaces are not (because of the new overall organization of workspaces).

Hollyhock has deeply changed but, fortunately, it contains an integrated Converter which works only on Windows. So the importation will work properly only on Windows. Of course, when converted, patches can be opened on MacOSX.

  1. Use the Export Workspace command in the V5 in order to save all patches of your old workspace.
  2. in Hollyhock, import previously exported patches one by one.

Import VST settings

Windows only

In order to import VST’s from the V5 you have to specify VST’s paths for the converter. This will indicate to the converter where to find old VST files. For that, open the Setup panel/plug-ins configutation and set convert 1 and convert 2 folders to valid VST’s locations


You may encounter few troubles on scripts importations.

Some very old scripts don’t have a main process procedure.

// process
 // your process
end. // ending by a "point"

must be rewritten into

// process
procedure Process;
 // your process
end; //be careful it's a "semicolon"

SendInternalMsg procedure no longer exists, it has been replaced by