Fully Customizable Interface

Complete customization with Usine Hollyhock!

All design objects are fully customizable, allowing the user to design interesting and personalized interfaces for performance and use in the studio setting.

Controls provide layout settings like, size, font, style, colors, rotation angles, blurriness, zooms, borders, etc…

You will be able to create personalized interfaces that can be saved and reused later in other patches. Through simple to complex user-designs and the ability to insert and compliment, reuse of custom-built interfaces will improve efficiency the more you create.

You’ll find more about personal design in the user’s manual in the download section

Change size and position of any object


The Unlock/Lock icon in the The Main Menu enables the interface design. Once unlocked, Usine lets you change the position and size of your object. Use the positional handles to create your own interface for your patches. Not only can this be used for custom patches, but can also be used to customize any of the existing library patches provided.

Use the design & size tab to add more customization


Right-click on any object in the rack to open the settings panel. Select the design tab at the top of settings panel to access additional design parameters. As shown in the picture, a rounded border has been applied to the knob.


The size tab provides parameters such as orientation and the ability to fine tune your design, for example by setting object sizes by percentage, or orienting by precise pixels.

Save snapshots of your design

Once you have created a design for your object, you can save that design as a snapshot for later use on a similar object.

As shown in the picture to the right, multiple variations can be saved as a snapshot for a knob.


Use an external editor to create your own design object

There are several external software programs available to create a graphically customized set of knobs and faders. With the ability to import these graphic images and apply to Usine objects, customization becomes limitless.

You can find a step by step tutorial for the software Knobman, and how to import and use your graphic designs in Usine Hollyhock here.

Using the color modules to change colors dynamically

Within the Usine Library you will find several color modules that allow you to modify colors dynamically when attached to the Inlets of your interface objects. With the ability to update object colors in real-time, interfaces can provide color-changing indicators in response to your actions.

The example shown here is utilizing an HSLA (Hue, Saturation, Lightness, Alpha) to modify the color of a knob. See the following for additional modules that are available.