Extended Library

To express your pure creativity and differentiate you from other artists you need exceptional tools, and this is the purpose of the Extended library.

Our primary goal is to provide advanced tools for the professional, while also offering simplicity through the use of ergonomic interfaces. We have not only found inspiration in our own experience with these tools, but also through great artists (the collection of leap instruments inspired by Bernard Parmegiani), or through the mathematical formulas developed for the spectral series (inspired by the work of Richard Dobson).

After several months of dedication and development, this collection now offers a whole new level in comparison to the first library. You can freeze your audio sources with advanced algorithms, utilize ring modulators and multi-effects in your chain, create surround 5.1 environments and explore new worlds with the loop_xcros samplers… and more.

Spectral tools

Using a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), we now enter a world where time and frequencies meet. Processing the signal path using an FFT opens incredible possibilities to the manipulation and handling of the audio signal. With this tool we are capable of altering the audio spectrum for creating pitch transformations and precision frequency manipulation for many creative uses; all with a higher quality processing engine.

Groove machines

In a professional setting, you can find that your groove has become static and needs that extra edge, or innovative drive. Developed for this specific purpose in mind, Usine provides rhythmic tools to help break up that static groove and bring back life and inspiration to your sound library and music.

A Slicer that utilizes definable, but random algorithms to react; that is dependently patterned by the audio banks and sources you use to fill them.

The inspirational Steps which cycle and trigger an array of samples, as if it were a percussive instrument.

Among the grooves of the Slicer and Steps; the classic sample pad interface, ergonomically designed to appear simple, but full of power and inspiration.

You will be astonished at what these tools can do to your existing sound library!

Surround environments

With the ever-changing world of performance and acoustic development; the need for the surround-environment has become a quite common aspiration. Working several years with professionals and performance musicians, we have built upon the basics of the surround-environment, and have developed innovative tools and applications to advance them further. These tools provide the ability to draw your own path, apply advanced random algorithms, and implement the powerful physics engine to modulate and interact. In the multi-channel environment; Usine Hollyhock provides the resources to expand your ideas and further the potential of acoustical control and exploration.

Each of the provided patches can be further expanded upon as a starting point to evolve your own ideas. With the capability to drive and manage up-to 64 Channels, there is plenty of room to surround your audience.

Multi-FX collection

Usine Hollyhock is very intuitive not only in the studio setting, but fully capable as a live-performance instrument. Fitting quite comfortably in applications where standard instruments and other live performance artistry reside; Usine provides a whole new layer and envelope to the common sound.

With an extended live set; variations can be made throughout utilizing the included Multi-FX patches. One Patch, One Performance, and many creative FX to evolve and dynamically change the feeling and expression.

Leap Motion advanced patches

In the age of Electronic Music, expression and interaction has become a highly demanded feature. The ability to interact and have an audience react in response to the live performance has become a reality.

Meeting this demand, Usine Hollyhock strives to supply these abilities to integrate new and exciting performance tools. Recently introduced, the Leap Motion has been integrated within Usine Hollyhock to answer this demand. And as the demand for new technology and innovative performance tools come, much more is planned to come. Within the collection of leap instruments library you will find an array of tools that provide integration with your patches. As an example: TheLeap Grainplayer detects individual fingers down to the millimeter scale to precisely control a Grain Sampler. As integrated the user can modify the X,Y, and Z dimensional controls of the Leap Motion to affect the Pan, Pitch, and Grain parameters of the Leap Grainplayer.

Sample players and recorders

If you are a solo performer or if you want to create instant grooves with one master loop and several layers, multi-track sample-recorders are for you. You will need professional tools to keep your phrases in perfect synchronization. This can be done with a simple and easy to use patch like the LOOPER rc51.

Or utilize the xcros series sampler, with a fine loop adjustment and midi control. Now all of your sound materials can become the instrument.

To learn more about the 2 new samplers, refer to the manual links below.