Installation Guide

Install Usine

Usine is a “portable application”. This means that there is no system installation needed. Just unzip the downloaded file into a directory and play. Several versions of Usine can be placed on the same computer to utilize different configurations or setups.

Also if you are tired with complex registration procedures and lengthy authorization processes; Usine does not require a specific key to execute. Your version is compiled by our server, and each is personalized and unique for your own version. You can install your version on all your computers without restriction.

Moreover, absolutely nothing is modified on your system by Usine.

Be sure to check the minimum requirements on this page: Hollyhock compatibility notes


logo_win.jpg To install Usine Hollyhock on Windows, just unZip the package anywhere on your computer.

To uninstall, remove the unZipped directory.

Usine is a portable application, so you can install it several times and anywhere, for example on an USB key.


logo_mac.jpg To install Usine Hollyhock on MacOSX, just unZip the package anywhere on your computer and drag and drop the application (.app) in your application folder.

To uninstall, drop the application in the trash bin.

Usine is a portable application, so you can install it several times and anywhere, for example on an USB key.

Run Usine

  • Windows: unzip the downloaded file and execute usine.exe
  • MacOSX: unzip the downloaded file (avoid third-party software, use the default Mac unzip utility) and double click on the extracted file .app (application package).

Some MAC users report this type of messages “ can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer” don’t worry this came from Gatekeeper, not Usine. Gatekeeper is a new feature since OS X Mountain Lion, see this page for more details

Update Usine

First open the Setup panel located in the Main Menu.

Next select the Global tab and click on import settings, where you will be prompted to choose a previous version.

On PC select a folder where a previous version of Hollyhock resides.

For Mac select the precedent .app file of a previous version.

Once the location is selected, the previous configuration will be imported into Hollyhock and you will be asked to restart the program.

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Quick Configuration

A quick overview to activate your copy, configure your hardware, audio and MIDI. First, click on the setup icon in the main menu to open the global setup panel.

Activate your copy

You must be connected to Internet to activate Usine, so please deactivate all protections like anti-virus and firewalls softwares. The activation is only necessary once.

Once your purchased a license, you can activate Usine by two different ways in the setup panel / about tab.

If you are correctly registered in the forum simply enter your forum username, your password (Don’t forget to press the Enter key after each one) and click on the activate button (1).

If you have received an activation key enter the activation key and click on activate key (2).

Configure Audio

Once this panel opened, choose the audio tab and select your sound card in the devices combo box and be sure your inputs/outputs are correctly activated (clicks on the radio button if needed):

The audio tab of the global setup panel
Activates your audio outputs here

Configure MIDI

Now, you can also configure your MIDI controllers if you have some. Clicks on the MIDI tab and choose each device you want to activate. If you forget to connect your MIDI peripherals, no need to restart Usine, connect them and use the rescan button.

On each MIDI activation, the new device will appears in the device panel (audio devices in green and MIDI devices in blue):

The MIDI tab of the global setup panel
The devices panel


  • Windows: just remove the unzipped file.
  • MacOSX: delete the .app file (application package).