Flexible Ready to Use Library

Many artists, users, and press redactors tell us that Usine “Sounds different and better than other Audio Software”. The Usine library is quite possibly a part of that secret.

Usine Hollyhock’s library offers more than 100 ready-made audio effect modules and generators to process any live instrument or audio source. They have been built with a particular attention and spirit.

You’ll find classic effects like Delays, Filters, panoramics, and Granular tools. There are some especially creative and innovative audio effects that you won’t find in any other audio software.

Leap Motion ready made patches

The Leap Motion interface is a fantastic tool to modulate and create sounds real-time in a creative way. This interface is fully integrated in Usine and before creating your own tool with this leap module you’ll discover several patch examples to begin to have fun with it.

You’ll find a demo video here

Modern sample players and recorders

Sampler modules are certainly the most frequently used tools in modern musical productions. Usine provides several original examples ready-for-use, from simple to complex ones, accepting multiple formats of samples such as mp3, wav, aif, and aiff.

Beside the basic Gain, Pitch, Pan, and Loop-Position adjustment features, you can quickly create automation curves and zoom in and out of the waveform. In a live situation you can even Drag & Drop a new sample into the interface without creating artifacts such as clicking.

You will find ultra-flexible patches to record your instruments, vocals, or any other internal or external audio source. From basic samplers with or without synchronization, a simple patch to record on the fly, or a complex multi-looper that can switch grooves between mixes.

Groove machines

Another important element of Electronic music is within the use of groove and rhythmic tools. Among the library of classic sequencers and slicers, you’ll discover that Usine provides groove machines with innovative ways to control your samplers or Midi Plug-ins. Break your groove instantly, use probability modes to emphasize and humanize, all available ways to add movement and soul efficiently into the mix.

Granular Processing

Granular Processing is the ability to split an audio signal into very small pieces, creating a micro-sound, which is grouped into grains. This impressive technique utilizes and processes sound at intervals down to the millisecond range and can provide very interesting results.

When playback speed of these grains is reduced, a cloud is created which provides a surreal soundscape that is unlike any natural instrument that you have heard. In the opposite degree if grains are increased in speed, pitched tones can be achieved with expressive variance. Usine provides the Granulator and Grain Sample Player Recorder to build and process your audio, among these modules there are available read-for-use patches within the library.


When there is a tool that is expressively unique and creates truly amazing sound; we think of the line of Filters.

Usine Hollyhock provides several types of characteristic and colored filters; with interfacing that is way-beyond how you have controlled them in the past. With the ability to automate and sequence any parameter of the filter; by synchronizing, randomly controlling, or specifically targeting with custom modules: Usine’s filters are for you.

(See Record Automation, for more information regarding Usine’s basic automation and easy-to-use interface)

Filter set

A ready made set of patches to explore filtering possibilities.


Many software-based delays have been inspired and modeled after that classic hardware sound; such as the Echoplexx, or psychedelic style soundscape delay that we are all familiar with. The Usine-Team built upon those inspirations to provide an innovative way to explore and expand the common delay. By means of creative automation, pitch control, and the ability to randomize values; Usine has the ability to create unusual, interesting, and breath-taking delay possibilities. Beyond the ready-for-use library of patches, possibilities for expanding and evolving the delay is only limited by the user’s personal preference and design.

Delay set

A ready made set of patches to use different creative delays.

A complimenting series of audio FX

In addition to the Delay and Filter effects, you will need more tools that add grit, animation, color, motion, and fluid to your sound. To answer this need, Usine delivers advanced tools to break, alter, freeze, glitch, distort, reverse, and more.

With these tools you will be able to re-discover that old sound library… in ways that you could never imagine!