Art-net DMX

Usine Hollyhock II introduces a new Artnet/DMX light management engine.

Working on stage also means working with lighting, and we have met a lot of light technicians and artists looking for a simple and efficient solution to manage this part of the show.

In response to this demand, Usine Hollyhock now provides DMX tools which are totally synchronized with your audio patches.


You’ll find more details in the DMX Manual on the download page but here some first informations.

Before use DMX within Usine you must enable it in the setup panel and define several global settings. Open the setup panel and choose the DMX tab.

Important : The Usine DMX layer can manage Enttec Open DMX, Enttec USB pro devices, as well as all Artnet-DMX devices connected to the Ethernet port.

Fixtures properties

Usine contains a complete set of ready to use fixtures, which covers almost all real life situations. They are compatible with DMXIS fixture’s files.

The settings panel of each fixture let you set its parameters like DMX channel, Fixture model, additional channels and more.

Grid example

Usine provides an efficient way to organize your workspace along a timeline: the grid. The grid is made of sections, and each section can be played during a precise time or in a loop mode.

The grid is very simple to use.