The Chat Panel

A chat window, directly accessible in the Usine interface

  • Lets you communicate with others members of your band
  • Share ideas for a specific project
  • Ask questions to the users community
  • Or the Sensomusic support
  • Help a friend and so…

  • 1 List of the users connected (select all to talk to everyone, or choose a name for a private conversation)
  • 2 Type your text here
  • 3 Display conversation

show in the toolbox

Display the chat panel in the tool box.

chat enabled

Activate the network communication (you must have accepted the network access the first time you configure Usine, if not check your firewall settings (Win).

forum user name

Type here your forum user name (if you want talk with the community) or any name of your choice for private conversation.


Click here in disconnection case.

enable notifications

Enable/disable the notification sound

auto show on notifications

Open automatically the chat panel when some activity is detected.


Open a query window to choose an other notification sound.


Notification sound volume