About the Help Files

The version 1.02.12 and above, contains a integrated help system. The user can access help for various patches or racks from the settings panel.

For example drag an empty sub-patch, in its settings panel you’ll see those blue buttons, click on one of them to open an example patch:

Create a help file

To create your own help files proceed as follow.

1)In the setup/ expert tab activate the god mode , the trace hints and the debug mode.

2) click on the object you want to create a help file. Then notice in the trace panel the filters generated by Usine to match the help file.

ie. for the sample_player:

example filter1 = sample_player
example filter2 = sampler_basic

3) create your patch or rack and save it. The file must be located in

  • /Usine Library/Example/Help
  • or /Usine Library/Example/Quick Tour

The file name must end with example filter1 or example filter2.

For example for the empty sub-patch

  • Poly Sampler - sub_patch.pat
  • Poly Random Delay - sub_patch.pat