The Devices Panel

In Usine all connected hardware Devices are grouped in the Devices Panel. Any kind of Audio, MIDI, OSC devices can be created.

Each Device can contain several per-processing, like an EQ on a microphone input or MIDI channel transformations on connected controller.

Then just Drag & Drop those Devices to Racks inputs or Racks outputs.

Data and OSC devices can be easily used with the Binds Concept.

new in/out device

Creates a new Device. It can be:

  • Audio in
  • MIDI in
  • DATA in
  • OSC in
  • Audio out
  • MIDI out

For OSC in Devices see the user’s manual in the download section .

reset set

Reset the current Devices set.

open set

Opens a Devices set you saved before.

save set as

Saves the current Devices set into a file, to recall it later.

Default created devices

  • always create stereo: creates automatically a stereo Device when Usine start.
  • always create surround: creates automatically a surround (x4) Device when Usine start.

Visible controls

  • input Devices: Displays or not the inputs Devices.
  • output Devices: Displays or not the outputs Devices.
  • Binds: Displays or not the Binds panel.