Direct to Disk Panel

Direct to Disk allows you to record your performances and concerts directly to the hard-disk of you computer. With this functionality, Usine becomes a powerful real-time audio recorder.

The Direct to Disk panel allows you to Drag & Drop a Device or a Rack you want to record to the panel. This allows you to specify exactly which rack or device you would like to record, allowing many options to monitor without recording, or add additional racks, inputs, or outputs to the mix.

The recording is made in a separate background process with a minimum impact (in CPU charge terms) to your current live session.

How to record racks and devices

First open the global configuration tab of the Setup panel and choose your default [record out] folder:

If no folder is chosen, the record folder will be ../Record Out (Windows), or on the desktop (MacOSX)

Next click on the Direct to Disk icon to open the panel.

Now you can Drag & Drop any Racks or any audio Devices (inputs or outputs) you want record to the panel:

To begin recording click the red icon within the Direct to Disk panel. To stop the recording click the red icon again. When recording stops a prompt to save the recorded file will be shown to allow you to specify the location you would like to save to. If cancel is pressed the recording will be erased.

The Direct to Disk functionality also uses CPU and Disk access of HollyHock. Although this panel and functionality might generate audio artifacts on heavy and CPU-intensive Workspaces while recording, it generally will not be present in the output audio file that is recorded.

Clear direct to disk

Clears all the Racks and Devices that are present in the Direct to Disk panel.

Record format

Audio files are recorded in 32-bit float format.

See why use the 32 bits float audio format ?