Expert Configuration

This setup tab displays various settings and commands for expert users.

settings panel width

Width of the items in the settings_panel

smooth curves in patches

Choose between smooth or straight curves in the patching window.

rounded controls by default

Displays all interface control objects with a rounded design.

settings single column

Forces the settings panel to use only 1 column.

disable locate audio files

Disable this option when loading patches with missing files.

do not draw selection square

Do not display the white square around selected objects.

god mode

Adds the command to the contextual menu

  • save screen shot of the selected object

disable upgrade message

Disables the message “this patch/workspace has been created with a newer version of Usine, please upgrade”.

trace MIDI latency

Traces the real MIDI in latency, in other words, the time elapsed when the MIDI message arrives to the computer and the time it is handled by Usine.

trace messages capacity

Usine communicates between threads by using a sophisticated messaging manager. This option traces the capacity and amount of messages that are queued. Be aware to maintain the graphic queue length as short as possible to avoid graphic overloads.

trace set caption

The set caption of objects procedure takes a lot of CPU when done inside patches. This option helps you to minimize the CPU impact of caption modifications by displaying a messages in the trace panel.

trace unresolved buses

Traces the names of unavailable buses, for example if you use a get from bus module with an invalid name.

trace internal clock

Trace the internal messages clock real interval. Gives an idea of the accuracy of your environment. Connected to the setup refresh speed.

trace hints

Trace filenames hints, as they are displayed under the contextual menu. Useful to create or correct hint files.

debug mode

Turns Usine into a special debug mode and displays information about the system and errors.

hint delay

Delay of the hint apparition on object mouse over.

convert scripts to fastscripts

When this option is active old fashion script are automatically converted into new fastscripts. Can be turned off to solve compatibility errors, but it’s not recommended.

verify UID of patches

Verify UID (Unique ID) of all object of patches. All object must have an Unique UID in order to be recalled by presets and shared over the lan correctly.

clear message queue

Empty the current thread messages queue. Useful in case of overload.

test memory capacity

Try to allocate as much as possible memory to verify the real available memory. There is a Possibility that it can crashes Usine…

show console

Displays the IML console, useful to create IML templates.

show convolver

Display the Convolver utility.

debug commands

Various commands for debug purposes.