The Grid Section

A section correspond to a column in the grid sequence and can have individual settings. Click on its header to access its settings panel.


Caption of the current grid section.


  • next section :Go automatically to the next section
  • Loop : Play this section in loop mode
  • pause : Use the pause mode at the end of this section


Duration of the section. Depends on the format used.


Time format of the section.

  • seconds
  • minutes
  • milliseconds
  • cycles
  • bars
  • beats


Quantization of this section:

  • none : no quantization
  • cycle: quantization on cycle.
  • bar: quantization on bar.
  • 1/4: quantization on beat.
  • 1/8: quantization on eighteenth notes.
  • 1/16: quantization on sixteenth notes.

restart synchro

If this option is activated, the synchro restarts automatically when this section begin.

set tempo

  • no change : Use the main tempo
  • set tempo to : use a particular tempo for this section (see below)


Sets the tempo for this section

list of bar

Change the time signature for this section, see List of bar

next mode

Choose the function of the next button for this section

  • next section
  • previous section
  • first section
  • last section
  • goto section number
  • random section


Description of this object. Click to edit, use the OK button to validate.