The Interface Builder

The Interface Builder(IB) is a special display mode, really useful for stage situation where you need to see only the main and moreover, the minimum possible of controls.

How to use it

Start, for example, with a minimal workspace: a sample player + a soft_distorsion patch

You must obtain something similar to :

We choose to display all the Patch of the sample player in the IB, so right click on its header to display its settings panel , the where option is actually on Rack, set it to interface builder:

Select Interface Builder

Now, we can choose to add only the drive fader of the soft_distorsion patch visible in IB by default it is set to control panel, set it to interface builder too.

Now, have a look to the result in the Interface Builder, clicks on this icon in the main left menu:

Except the menu, only the 2 selected object are now visible.

You can now use the unlock feature to change size and position of all objects :

Display the contextual menu

Sometimes, it can be useful to use the contextual menu, even in IB mode. Use this icon to display this contextual menu: