The Master Panel

The master displays various global informations about Usine. It also allows to set the global volume and displays vu-meters for all in/out flows like MIDI Audio and Network.

1 Main audio ON/OFF

Activates /inactivates the main Audio engine of Usine.

2 Workspace selector

Lets you display your main or your additional workspace.

3 CPU Load

Indicates the processor (CPU) load. If this value is greater than the indicated value in the Setup panel CPU protect, the audio engine is automatically turned off a few seconds. Generally, above 90%, Usine can become unstable.

This value is just an estimation according settings of your sound card.

See this F.A.Q chapter for more information: How does Usine calculates the CPU consumption?

4 Panic button

Sends a ALL NOTES OFF MIDI event to all the samplers, plug-ins and MIDI outputs.

5 Remote Update button

Only if you have motorized MIDI controllers connected. Force Usine to send MIDI messages to the connected remote devices. This button can be used to force MIDI remote faders & knobs positions and to be sure they correspond to the real position in Usine.

6 Solo indicator

Lights when a Solo switch is activated on a rack. Click to cancel all solo’s.

7 MIDI Audio and Network Indicators

Audio in/out vu-meters. Lights up when Usine receives or sends MIDI or Network data’s.

8 Master

Master Volume of Usine.


When ON, a soft clipping (smooth limiter) is provided on the main outputs.

Visible controls

Here you can choose which elements are visible on the master panel.

  • workspace selector
  • cpu usage
  • solo
  • panic
  • MIDI update
  • master volume