The Main Menu

The Main Menu of Usine Hollyhock consists of several icons located on the left-hand side of the workspace.

Below are descriptions for each of these icons and their associated functions.


Turns ON/OFF the audio engine of Usine.

Show start page

Displays the Start page. On the start page you can open default, last used, and demo workspaces.

Show browser

Opens and closes the Browser panel to explore Usine factory files, user-created files, and personal media.

Show grid

Displays and hides the Grid panel. The grid panel is a powerful sequencer where you can organize your Racks to create simple or complex songs with automation curves.

Show IB (interface Builder)

The Interface Builder (IB) is a special display mode, which is useful for a stage situation where you need to see only the main and moreover, the minimum possible of controls.

Show menu

Shows and hides the Contextual menu as needed.


Toggles the MIDI, OSC, and Key learn mode to let you assign the desired control to any highlighted object on the workspace.

Record Automation

This icon enables you to record movement or actions on targeted design objects, like Knobs, Faders, Steps, Switches etc…

To record the movement of an object:

Click the icon to enable recording and change the value of the desired object.

For Buttons or Switches you’ll need at least 3 clicks to record an automation.

While the Record Automation icon is enabled, multiple design objects can be recorded one by one.

To stop recording, click the record icon to disable the automation record function.

Hide All

Hides all opened panels such as Browser, Settings, Patching window, etc…


Unlocks and locks the design layout of all Control panels.

Once unlocked you can change the size of controls and design objects using the handles.

In this mode you can also move objects to customize the panel as needed.

Reset scale

Restores the default zoom scale

  • single click resets the zoom for the last clicked panel
  • dbl click resets the zoom for all panels

Zoom factor

This icon/knob changes the zoom value of the currently selected panel.

To change the zoom of all panels in a workspace, click an empty area of the workspace first then adjust the knob to zoom all panels simultaneously.

Show setup panel

Opens the Setup panel to adjust global settings such as audio sound card, MIDI devices, Network, folders paths, plug-ins, etc…


You can drag and drop any of the racks, patches, devices or browser items of your workspace directly on the trash icon to delete it. See : the trash bin for more information.