MIDI Configuration

The MIDI tab of the setup panel provides related MIDI devices and settings for use in the workspace.


As shown in the picture below, the LPK25 and nanoKONTROL2 MIDI controllers are enabled and ready to be used as MIDI Input Devices.

Once the MIDI device is enabled in the setup panel, it will create a corresponding object in the Devices window for use in racks.

To assign the device to a rack, Drag and Drop the associated device to the input or output of the desired rack as show below.

Rescan Devices

Rescans all MIDI devices connected to the system.

If a device is attached or de-attached from the system, this will update to indicate the current system configuration.

Reset devices

Resets all MIDI devices connected to the system.

If a device fails to respond, this option is useful to reset the device in hopes of regaining functionality.

Inputs / Outputs

Provides all connected MIDI devices, and allows you to select the device to be used as either an input or output.

Selects which available MIDI device you want to enable for use in the Devices panel.

  • MIDI Lan: Built-In MIDI-to-LAN interface that allows MIDI communication between computers running Usine on the Local Network.

(See Send MIDI to the LAN chapter for more information regarding LAN communication)

All Note Off

Enable this option to send the MIDI - All Note Off message when sync has stopped.

Trace MIDI in / Trace MIDI out

When these options are enabled, all MIDI input/output events are displayed in the Trace panel.

This option is useful for debug, as well as identifying and verifying MIDI device communication being sent/received in Usine.