OSC and Network Configuration

The OSC and Network tab of the setup panel, is where you can activate OSC (Open Sound Control) and share on network capabilities.

IP address

The address of your computer on the Network, called the local IP address. If you see it means that you’re not connected to the Network.(When Share active is ON)


Your computer name as saw on the Network.

OSC Active

Turns the OSC (receive and send) engine ON.

OSC port

The local port number used to receive OSC messages.

share active

Turns the Network share engine ON.

share port

The share port number used on the Network. Must be the same for all the computers of the Network.

broadcast ip

Displays the IP address of the local network.

show host name in caption

Adds your computer host name to your shared Patch name. Ex: a Patch named stereo delay will become stereo delay [my computer1]

send tempo & synchro info

Sends tempo and synchronization informations to the Network. This computer will be considered as a master.

high speed out

Uses a faster process to send data’s on the Network. Activate it if you really need it.

connected computers

Displays all the connected computers (name + address) of the Network (With Usine running and Share active ON).


Displays some Network messages in the Trace panel.

  • OSC incoming messages.
  • OSC out coming messages.
  • All UDP in packets: All UDP messages incoming.
  • ping times: tool used to test whether a particular host is reachable and the ping time

show console

Opens the console in a new window. Useful, for example, to analyses more precisely messages and to copy a part of them.