The Patch

Usine is a modular environment, this means you can connect audio, data, video, and control with MIDI or OSC controller devices without limits; all can be connected to create what is called a patch.

Control panel

Control panel example: a Delay patch

The Control panel is the visible part of Patches, where you can interact. For example you can add Knobs, Faders, etc, on it like on the picture below.

You can customize the size (see Unlock/Lock) and colors (see the The Settings Panel)

show patch

Opens the patch window.


Renames this patch.


Deletes the selected patch (if at least 2 patches in the rack)


Removes all Modules in this patch.


Opens a previously saved patch.


Saves this patch.

save as

Saves this patch with a new name.


Reloads the patch as it was in the last backup.


Saves the patch normally, but also creates an audio folder where all used audio samples are consolidated.

See Exporting to Share and Archive


Click here to add a name to this patch. You can also use [Alt+click] directly on the patch header or in the patch window.


  • Rack: visible in the Rack
  • Top header: visible in the Top header panel
  • Workspace: visible in the Workspace
  • Toolbox: visible in the Toolbox
  • Interface builder: visible in the Interface Builder (IB)


Description of this object. Click to edit, use the OK button to validate.

Useful to remember some details or to share this patch with other users.


Indicates the CPU (processor) resources used by this patch.

save options

Undo enabled: When set to OFF you cannot use the undo function, however improves performance on complex patches.


  • shared: When ON, the Patch will be available and visible on any of the computers running Usine on your local network.
  • force refresh: Sends a command to your local network to refresh the Patch (if shared) on others computers.
  • rebuild all ID’s: Each Patch shared on the local network uses its own ID (identification number). If you experience issues (specially with Wifi connection) of Patches that don’t send information to the good target, this button will rebuild all these id’s.
  • shared only with (host names): When a local network exist, you can choose with which computers you share this Patch.


  • snap to grid: In unlock mode, snap the object to the grid.
  • grid size: in pixels