Physical Engine

Each panel of Usine can be turned into a powerful physical engine. With this physical engine you can modulate parameters easily and intuitively, such as in the much sought after bouncing ball effect. All customizable with easeā€¦ to control your effects and patches.

Without exception, on all visual controls of Usine you will have the ability to retrieve physical information. This physical information can be used within your patch to obtain huge effects, inspirational control, and wild behaviors.

The physical engine provides controls such as: speed, angular speed, rotation angles, and collides; All data information, that is available directly for use or exploration in developing your own patch library.

How to use physics engine to modulate a patch

For this example you will start by adding a rack; by placing a sound file.

Open the The Browser Panel and locate the .wav file Konkrete 120 01a from the browser/sounds/Old Bank/grooves directory. Using Drag & Drop move this file to the workspace and select the option to create a player.

Next add the patch named SEQ Gate from the browser/library/audio fx/sequenced FX/.

Double click on the header of the Gate to open the patch window (you can also use the show patch button displayed in the contextual menu).

Add a container module from the Browser/modules/interface design folder to the patch window that you had just opened.

Right click on the container module to display the settings panel. In the design tab disable the auto resize option as shown.

Next locate and place a shape module from the The Browser Panel to the patch window.

As shown in the picture, click and hold the gray Outlet node of position X of the shape module. A wire will be created. Drag this wire and connect it to the corresponding gate knob Inlet that was supplied by the Gate patch. Again, create another connection for the position Y to the dry/wet knob Inlet.

Click the shape module to highlight and display the settings panel. Next select the where option and change this location to container.

The shape module should now be visible and located within the container. Adjust the size of the container to allow more room for the shape. Select the container and as shown in the picture enable the physics engine from the settings panel.

The shape module slowly begins to move and will change the parameters of the Gate knob that it is connected to. See container for more information regarding the parameters.