The Playlist Panel

Get ride of the mouse on stage!

If your live set is made of several Workspaces use the Playlist.

With the Playlist, determine the order of your tunes and recall them very easily. This can be achieve quickly without any prompt or confirmation dialog, even with a simple MIDI learn or Keyboard assignation.


Drag & Drop Workspaces directly from the browser/library/your personal library on this panel to add a new item in the list.

Now, you can select them with the next and previous navigation buttons:

Clear playlist

Clears the current Playlist

Open playlist

Opens an existing Playlist

Save playlist as

Saves the current Playlist into a file to be reopened later.

Ask for confirmation

When ON, a query window will pop up before opening the next workspace of the list.

Start page

Once you have added workspaces, the Playlist appears also on your start page: