The Rack

Most of Usine is based on the concept of audio Rack.

A Rack contains any number of Audio samples, FX, VST, VSTi, Audio Unit Plug-ins. Racks can be chained without limitation. It has an input and an output panel where you decide what is coming in and where it goes.

Usine provides one of most advanced multi-core optimizations. Each Rack is calculated in a separate thread and the CPU load is dispatched on all available cores.

A Workspace can contain an unlimited number of Racks.

Of course a Rack can be saved separately and reopened later in another project. It has its own preset board to memorize up to 16 different configurations.

A Rack may have several audio inputs or outputs to provide the most massive routing you can imagine without dealing with complex auxiliary Buses. Each of the input/output volumes can be set separately for each devices or chained Racks.

Moreover a Rack can handle MIDI flow as well as Audio. Choose the MIDI device you want to use in your rack, add various MIDI effects, VSTi to be triggered with incoming MIDI. Send MIDI flows to any output connected devices.


Removes all patches in the Rack.


Opens a previously saved Rack.


Delete the Rack. (drag it on the trash icon)

Save rack

Saves the Rack with a new name.


Saves the rack normally, but also creates an audio folder where all used audio samples are consolidated.

See Exporting to Share and Archive

Add new patch

Adds a new empty patch inside the Rack.


Copies the selected Rack .


Pastes the previously saved Rack.


Duplicate the Rack.

New audio rack

Creates a new empty Audio Rack.

New light rack

Creates a new empty Light Rack. See Art-net DMX

New video rack

Creates a new empty Video Rack. See Video


Name of the current Rack.

Always calculated

When ON the current Rack is always calculated, even if the main engine is Off.

This module has an higher priority than the module Patch ON/OFF. It means that the current patch will be calculated even if the Patch ON/OFF module is OFF.


Description of this object. Click to edit, use the OK button to validate.

Visible controls

Rack input

Displays or not the input panel of the Rack.

Rack output

Displays or not the output panel of the Rack.

Presets panel

Displays the preset manager of the Rack.

Visibility in grid mode

Show when active on grid

Select here if this rack (when active) will be displayed on the workspace when the grid is running.

Fit grid line number

Displays “G1”, “G2, “G3”, etc… This indicates that the rack is located in the specific line during the grid section being played.

This display can be found in the Rack audio output fader, and is only visible if the rack is currently loaded and being played in the grid.