Send MIDI to the LAN

As we’ve see in the Share a Patch chapter, Usine offer several tool to include your local network in your Musical gear. Here a new MIDI tool to complete this installation. Here again no complex setup:

The first thing to do is to activate the share option in the network tab of the setup panel/ Network tab.

The option must be active and be sure to use the same port number for all the computers of your network:

Send MIDI to the Lan

This option offer, for example, the possibility to use the same MIDI device for several computers. Once activated (refer to MIDI Configuration if needed) and visible in the Devices panel simply right click on it and activate the send MIDI to lan option this way:

Now, all MIDI informations sent by this device can be received by the In MIDI lan device (if activated in the setup/MIDI tab) by all the computers of the local network:

Here MIDI lan is activated in the MIDI Inputs:

An other example to use this option can be to send MIDI sequences to several computers, via the piano roll or for example the step MIDI module:

Here we have drag & drop the MIDI lan out device in the output panel of the rack like any MIDI device. See MIDI Configuration if needed.