Share a Patch

One of the most advanced feature of Hollyhock: The ability to share patches from one computer to another, and control them simultaneously in real-time.

A shared patch can be configured to appear on all networked computers or can be managed by a restricted list. Once shared, the patch becomes a remote of the Master instance who shared it.

Information such as transport and time (synchro, tempo, start, etc…) can be distributed automatically to all remotes to maintain network synchronization.

Above basic synchronization, MIDI and associated devices can distribute data throughout the entire network. This means that you can use a MIDI device such as an external keyboard or controller connected to one computer, to modify parameters on another computer within the network.

Sharing networked patches can be used in various situations such as:

  • Teaching: Using a Master computer for the teacher and remotes for training students.
  • On-Stage: Musicians perform on stage with remote instances and the Master resides with the sound Engineer.
  • Lan parties: Live sets where several musicians can play and perform together.


To enable and configure the share option, open the setup panel and select the network tab.

Set the share port to the same port being used by all network computers. The example shown here is using port number 2004, but can be personalized to your network.

Enable the share active option.

See the Network and share configuration chapter for more details.

Example of a shared patch

With Usine configured and enabled to share active, individual patches can be selected to share with remote computers.

Right-click the header of a patch; as an example the simple filter shown. On the settings panel select the network tab. Enable the shared option for this patch:

On the second computer connected to the network with share capabilities activated as well, this patch will appear automatically within the workspace:

You can now move a knob on the remote patch to modify the parameters of the shared one located on the Master.