SMPTE Synchronization

To create a movie soundtrack, work with legacy hardware, or interface with time-coded devices; you will need a solid and precise SMPTE engine to provide binary-coded decimal in the format of hour : minute : second : frame (s).

In the development of electronic music, the use of transport controls, and through integration with hard-disk equipment, you will find that MTC (MIDI Time Code) is quite often used to interact. MIDI Time Code messages provide these devices with the precise time such as does SMPTE, however it does this by using the MIDI protocol instead. The MIDI Time Code - h:m:s:f - format like SMTPE has the added benefit of precision unlike the reduced message alternative, MIDI Song Position Pointer (SPP).

Usine provides this precise time-code in both SMPTE and MTC formats for use in time-critical projects and performances.

Assign MTC to the Usine audio engine

In the The Settings Panel of the Master Synchronization module, there are settings to enable the auto start of MTC along with the Audio Engine.

Display SMPTE in a patch

It can be useful to display the SMPTE time code in a big format when working with timing-critical projects. To achieve this; it is actually quite easy to patch a customizable display.

Using the String Outlet of the Get SMPTE Position module, you can create a wire and select text panel from the contextual menu. Once placed, you can customize the text panel by changing the size and color to suit your style.