The Start Page

A new start page welcomes you at the launching of Usine.

On this page you can easily open your recent Workspaces, some ready made Templates (that you can customize yourself), some demos, playlist, etc.

Get rid of the old fashion File/Open click, just press the picture of your latest Workspace (or touch it with a touch screen!) to open it.

Here is a description of available commands and features displayed on the start page:

  1. Start page icon: Navigate between the start page and your Workspace.
  2. Browser icon Opens the The Browser Panel
  3. Help icon: Opens your web browser to display a help page about the start page.
  4. Setup icon: Opens the setup panel to set your first main audio/MIDI configuration
  5. Quit icon: Quit Usine.

The start page contains several columns to load a default Workspace, your last Workspace created, and some demo Workspaces. Big icons lets you create an empty workspace, load an existing one or access the Sensomusic forum.


This column contains templates of Workspaces. By default Usine provides a reduced set of templates, but you can easily create your own by saving them in the Usine directory with the path Templates / Default / Workspaces.

MacOSX users have to save them inside the app package.


This column will contain all the recent Workspaces.


This column contains some demo Workspaces to let you explore Usine with ready-made examples.