Surround Sound, Up to 64 Channels

Usine is a complete Surround Audio Workstation. All audio objects and internal buses within Usine (samplers, filters, delays, bit crushers, etc…) work with up to 64 channels natively!.

Moreover, in Usine, a rack can handle several surround outputs at the same time without any problem. For example, the main output can be set to an 8.1 surround while each individual stage monitor can be fed a single mono output. You’ll appreciate all of the routing capabilities within the new interface.

The built-in surround panner lets you choose the speaker’s position, set the area, and is also compatible with the physics engine.

How to change output numbers on a panner module

In the Usine library and especially in the Extended Library, you’ll find a complete set of multichannel audio system 5.1 patches. With these ready-for-use patches you can draw your own path, use advanced random algorithms, or utilize the powerful physics engine of Usine Hollyhock.

The multi-channel 5.1 patches provided can also be used as an example to expand your surround setup with more speakers. Each module, capable of providing up to 64 outputs.

Here we have inserted the SURR PAN Trajectory patch and we need 8 outputs to replace the 4 existing ones.

Don’t forget to activate the 8 outputs of your sound-card!

(see Audio Configuration)

Next, simply select the panner module and click on recreate module in the contextual menu. A pop-up menu will appear, then choose 2 in-8 speakers for this example.

The module is recreated and you won’t have to re-link the existing cables.

Now add the 4 missing audio outputs and you’ll notice that your rack output has been adapted and your 8 outputs are now visible in the rack output panel.