The Synchronization Panel

This panel drives the tempo and main Usine’s synchronizations.

1 Synchro On/Off

Switches ON or OFF the synchronization.

2 Total Bar Position

This indicates the total bar position.

3 Cycle Position

This indicates the current position in the cycle.

4 Tempo

Global tempo. The tempo value can be set to any value from 0.01 to Billions of Billions bpm but the display range is limited, and can be modified in the settings panel.

  • Normal range: from 30 to 300 bpm.
  • Huge range: from 1 to 800 bpm.

5 Tap Tempo

Enables you to adjust the tempo by successive taps.

6 Restart Cycle

Restarts the synchronization from the beginning of the cycle.

7 Tempo /2 and x2

Divides or multiplies the current tempo by 2.


SMPTE counter

9 SMPTE active

Activate/inactivate the SMPTE engine

10 Restart SMPTE

Restart the SMPTE engine

Auto restart

If this option is activated, the synchro restarts automatically from the beginning of the cycle when:

  • the synchro is switched ON
  • the main audio engine is switched ON (space bar)

Perfect synchro

Perfect Synchro automatically changes the tempo to get bar length as a multiple of BLOC size. This give a much better synchro in loop recording. Not recommended if your bloc size is greater than 128.

linked to main ON/OFF

Start at the same time as the main audio ON/OFF switch.

large scale

Lets you use a tempo from 1 to 800 bpm.

SMPTE frame rate

Sets the video frame rate.

MIDI Time Code ( MTC)

Auto start main engine ON/OFF

Visible controls

Here you can choose which elements are visible for the synchro panel.

  • on/off
  • tempo
  • smpte
  • cycle position
  • bar position
  • restart
  • multiply by 2
  • divide by 2
  • tap tempo