The Trace Panel

Displays different informations like incoming MIDI/network message or internal message or various important messages of Usine.

Trace Gesture

The gesture in touch and multi-touch environment is the finger movement recognition. see Multitouch advanced settings for more infos

Trace MIDI messages

As a shortcut of the MIDI configuration tab, you can activate:

  • Trace MIDI in
  • Trace MIDI out

Trace network messages

As a shortcut of the network configuration tab, you can activate:

  • Trace OSC in
  • Trace OSC out
  • Trace All UDP in packets
  • Trace ping times

Design tab

You can set the width for the trace panel in this tab of settings panel.

A double click on this panel will open it in a standalone window. Useful to see more values.


The trace panel will also will be displayed automatically when Usine sends warnings or error messages. For example if you want records movements on locked object, you’ll see this message:

About the Trace value module

You can also use the trace function with the trace module to display any values inside a patch.

Example with a switch

Result in the trace panel


You’ll find the Trace Value module in the Browser/modules/Interface control/.