Over the years, video and music has become merged into one performance. Usine Hollyhock now provides a simple and efficient Video Player to support this audio-graphic combination.

The Video Player works in total synchronization to the music flow. And as all modules, it can be automated in different and various means, all in a precise manner.

Along with playback, Usine has a very interesting Video Detection tool for very creative ways of adding new possibilities to your performance. The Video Detection tool can translate movements or changes in light into data that can be directed to any parameter of your patch or plug-in.

Capture your own or external movements, work in symbiosis with dancers, etc…

You will discover endless modulation possibilities within.

Add a video in your workspace

In the The Browser Panel, video tab, you’ll find several video example files. Simply Drag & Drop one of these to a patch or an empty place of your workspace to automatically create a Video Player patch.

Once created, you can use the classic transport buttons to display your video file.

How to set the frame rate

In the The Settings Panel of the Master Synchronization module, you’ll find a setting to choose the video frame rate desired for your project.

Video detection

The Video detection module enables interaction with an attached camera or camcorder. The detector provides several options such as motion detection, light zone, or dark zone detections.

Supported formats are RGB, YUY2 and UYVY.