The Workspace

A workspace refers to the overall environment, in other words the main window where you organize your work. You decide which panels are visible, add racks, Sounds, effects and automation, and patches.

When you save the Workspace, all racks are stored along with the underlying patches and settings. It also contains Mixer input and output information (volumes,etc.), synchronization information (tempo, bar length, etc.) and automation (in the grid or movements recordings).

Clear workspace

Removes all racks of the Workspace.

Open workspace

Opens a previously saved Workspace.

Save workspace

Saves the Workspace.

Save workspace as

Saves the Workspace with a new name.

Reload workspace

Reloads the Workspace as from the original file.

Export workspace

Saves the Workspace and creates a new folder in the same directory to store all the Waves of sampler’s modules, MIDI files used the Piano roll.

Reload shared

When using remote mode, this button refresh all active shared patches on your local network.

Add new audio rack

Creates and add a new empty Rack.

Add new light rack

Creates and add a new empty lights rack.

Add new video rack

Creates and add a new empty video rack.

Paste rack

Pastes a previously saved rack.

Save screenshot

Creates a small screenshot of the last patch selected.(This menu is visible only if the god mode is activate in the setup/global tab)

Quit usine

Quit Usine (if you have made any change, a query window will propose you to save your work)


Description of this object. Click to edit, use the OK button to validate.

Show Preset panel

Adds a preset panel for this workspace with 32 possible presets.

Startup options

Various option applied when the workspace is loaded.

Auto play

Turns the audio engine ON automatically.

Auto play Grid

Starts the grid automatically.

Show grid

Opens the grid panel automatically.

Show interface builder

Opens the interface builder automatically.

Save screenshot (on close)

Creates a small screenshot for this workspace (visible on the start page)