Visual object layout properties

You’ll find here the design settings you can apply to Usine objects. Note that all the objects don’t have the same settings.


edit enabled

When OFF edition is disabled, the user can’t change it.

on top

When ON, this object stays on top in the parent panel.


Opacity value for this object (0 to 1%).

blur softness

Blur amount applied to the object.



Determines if the background of the object is transparent or not.

background color

Background color of this object.

image file

Filename of the optional background bitmap. Only PNG, JPEG and BMP formats are supported. Use [ctrl+click] to delete. See also Manipulate Bitmaps

fit size

Force the image file to adapt its displayed size to the size of the object.


show border

Displays or not the the border of the module.

border color

Click to open the color palette to set the border color of the module.

border width

Sets the border width of the module in pixel.


Determines is the object is drawn with rounded corners.

round size

Thickness of rounded corners.


show caption

Displays or not the caption.

caption font color

Sets the color of the caption font color.

caption font size factor

Lets you increase/decrease the caption font size.

caption align

Lets you select where to display the caption of the module.

  • Left
  • center
  • right

caption font

  • bold
  • italic
  • underline

show poly order

Show the order of a voice in a polyphonic sub-patch.


show header

Displays or not the header for the selected panel.

header color

Sets the header color.

header height

Sets here the header height.


show toolbar

Shows icon toolbar.

toolbar size

Height of the toolbar in pixel.

auto resize

Determines if the container/panel size is automatically updated when controls are moving.

Switch it OFF if you use floating panels inside.