The container is like a panel but it can contain several other display modules or other containers.

It’s useful if you want to group controls inside a single entity. Can be located at different places, in an other container and as stand alone window.

container with 4 switches and 1 knob
container with the same objects + 1 Wave Display and physics engine ON

You can only have one container per or sub-patch.


The container is like a panel but it can display several modules or other containers located at different levels of the Usine hierarchy.

In this case, we have interface design modules we want to see all the time(faders here), some only when we decide(knobs ).

Here the patch, 3 faders, 3 knobs, a container module and we create a switch (values 0_1) from the where inlet of the container and we rename it “show knobs”:

We set the where parameters of faders to control panel and for knobs we choose container.

Now, the switch can quickly change between the view of the patch.

Error messages

You can have an error message about container for 2 reasons:

1 no container exist

If you try to set the where option of a display interface module to container and if no container exist , even in a parent patch, you’ll see this message in the Usine trace.

2 No more than 1 container in a patch

You can’t add a second container module in a patch, if you try you’ll have an invalid module (in red) and see this message in the Usine trace panel.