Grain Sample Player Recorder

Granular Sampler with record function.

Grain settings

grain size

Grain size (duration) in ms. For small sizes, you obtain a good sound resolution but it creates audio artifact’s. For normal utilization set it to 30-50 ms.

for performance reasons, the grainsize is always multiple of Current Bloc Size (which is generally 128) see Usine bloc size


Speed percent of the original.

  • 100% means no speed modification.
  • 50% half speed.
  • 0% stopped…

speed mode

Speed assignation mode:

  • speed fader: the sample speed is affected by the position of Speed fader control.
  • cycle: the speed is automatically calculated so that the sample length fits to the cycle length.
  • bar: the sample length fits to the bar length.
  • 2 bars: the sample has two bars length.
  • 3 bars: the sample has 3 bars length.
  • 4 bars: the sample has 4 bars length.
  • 8 bars: the sample has 8 bars length.
  • 16 bars: the sample has 16 bars length.


Determines the shape of grains see

  • hanning (hann)
  • blackman opt
  • bartlett
  • blackman-harris
  • nuttall