OSC Lister

This module provides a very easy way to handle OSC messages. It automatically lists incoming OSC messages and create their associated outlet.

Addresses can be filtered according a sub string.

If the message is made of several tags, this module will create one outlet per tag item. For example, if the messages tag is (ffff) (see OSC (Open Sound Control)) the module will create 4 outlets named (‘fader1’, ‘fader2’, ‘fader3’, ‘fader4’).

Another example, for an accelerometer x, y, z which have (fff) tag, outlets will be like


Clear the OSC messages list.

auto learn

Activates the OSC messages auto learn.

alphabetic order

When auto learn is activated, add new messages in alphabetic order. If this option is disabled, the display order is the incoming order.

short names

Displays only last part of the address strings. ’/2/multifader/x’ will be displayed as ‘x

short names OFF and shortnames ON

split bundles

When this option is ON the lister separates each bundle : add the bundle order in the message caption #1, #2, etc.

sub sting

Handle only OSC messages which contains this sub string. Can be any string, for example position/,x/, acc/,


Incoming messages values.