FLT Resonator

The sound is divided into 8 modulated filters.

Freq array window sets the frequency of each band, then it can be placed in the stereo field with pan array window.

start freq

Lower filter frequency of the 8 bands.

range freq

Common frequency bandwidth (for all bands).


Filter resonance.


Dry and wet fractional amount into the output.

  • 0: dry only
  • 1: wet only.


Bypass effect.


Activates/deactivates randomize assigning of intensity values for frequency (up array) and pan data (down array). For all 8 bands.

Auto random


Activates the auto-random. For each band, the auto-random assigns randomize setting of intensity values for frequency and pan data, and changes them at a speed specified by global tempo fractional units: cycle, bar, beat, 1/8,1/12,…,1/64.


Auto random frequency selector (in fractions of global tempo units).