Leap Piano

A patch to use with a leap Motion. It emulates an air piano. The patch send also MIDI messages, so you can drag a plug-in after this patch (same rack) to play MIDI notes,


Clock speed mode

  • interval
  • cycle
  • bar
  • beat
  • 8th
  • triplet
  • 16th
  • 24th
  • 32th
  • 48th
  • 64th
  • 128th


Forces the output notes to be in a scale (see your favorite Harmony handbook).

  • chromatic
  • major
  • minor
  • whole tone
  • diminished
  • augmented
  • minor harmo
  • minor melodic
  • major harmo
  • limited M2
  • limited M3
  • limited M4
  • limited M5
  • limited M6
  • limited M7


Root of the harmonic scale.

global pitch

Global pitch value.


The level of the reverberated signal.

leap sensitivity

Finger speed needed to create a MIDI note.

midi channel

MIDI channel of generated notes.

midi din icon

Highlighted when MIDI messages are sent.