sixteen pads

Sixteen samplers you can use with MIDI pads controllers (launchpad, machine, mpc, padkontrol etc.) but also any MIDI keyboards or even your computer keyboard.

Simply creates a MIDI/Key or OSC learn on the play icon of each pad. Each pad had its own settings panel and you can drag and drop a new sample on each pad.

one shot/loop

  • one shoot:play the sample once.
  • loop:play the sample in loop mode.

auto restart

Restarts the sample each time it is played.


Reverses the signal.


Pitch of the sample for this pad.


Output volume for this pad.


Sends the sound to the stereo outputs according to the pan position.


Opens the sample list manager.


On the preset panel, you can use this random icon. This one randomize all parameters except gain and loop mode to create quickly a new Drum kit.