Switch interface design module.

  • out: Sends a 1 value when lit, 0 otherwise.
  • in: Lights up if the input value is 1.

ON caption

Switch caption.

OFF caption

Switch caption when it’s value is OFF.


Switch on color.

ON value

Value sent when the control in ON.

OFF value

Value sent when the control is OFF.

null evt if OFF

Determines if the control sends a NULL event when it is OFF instead of the OFF value. When this parameter is activated it’s like if the output wire was deleted.


The switch is grouped with other switches.

at least one

This switch must stay ON if all other switches of the group are OFF.


Inverses the switch value. If the switch is OFF it turns it ON and if the switch is ON it turns it OFF.

set on

Set the switch ON.

set off

Set the switch OFF.