Advanced Grid Settings

Some advancd settings for the Grid panel

add line

Adds a line at the bottom of the grid

add section

Adds a column at the right of the grid

paste grid item

Pastes the last copied grid item (grid cell must be empty)

clear grid

Clears the current grid

open grid

Open a previously saved version (like a preset) of the current grid.

save grid as

Save a version (like a preset) of the current grid.

number of lines

Sets the number of lines.

next workspace

Use this next icon to load another workspace at the end of your grid. 2 ways to select this workspace:

  • Load next playlist: When On, you can load the next workspace of your playlist.
  • Wkp name: Click to add the path of another workspace.

auto play grid at startup

Run the grid when you start Usine.