Create Your Own Personalized Modular Environment

Usine lets you create your own Patches and adapt existing ones with a Powerful collection of 400 Modules.

In the patching mode you can connect audio, data, and video simultaneously, and control with MIDI and OSC devices without limits, all can be connected!

You can create your own innovative samplers and effects and link them to create unique instruments for your own live set. HID (Human Interface Devices) like Joystick, Leap Motion, and Wiimote, also have their own specific modules to be used as interface controllers.

Not only can you create patches from scratch, but you can customize existing patches easily from the library, or from the user’s Add-ons page.

You will also find many dedicated users ready to help you progress on the Users Forum

An easy and unique patching method

Usine provides a unique and fast way to patch your ideas. Create a cable and an automatic menu will appear to let you choose the module you want to add. (You can also personalize these menus via the Template engine)

Since the 075 version you can automatically create multi-outs. Simply hold [SHIFT+CTRL] when creating your outlet, and this will place all the available outputs for your module. Here to the right as shown, is an example of a sampler with 8 audio outputs being created in this manner.

This method also works when you want link several outputs to inputs (from same family), Here we link an array module to a point curve module. Simply press [SHIFT+CTRL] and maintain it when creating your outlets, this will link all the outputs available.

A collection of ready-made sub patches

In the The Browser Panel and in the Library you’ll find many ready-made modules and sub-patches to quickly build and customize your own workspace.

A Powerful collection of 400 modules, including ready-made sub-patches.

External devices integration

Usine provides an interface for external devices; build and interact with your customized interface in exciting new ways.

Use the Leap Motion and Usine with movement and precise hand gestures to control a piano or change the mood of a performance.

Build your own MIDI devices using the Arduino and sensors while interfacing with the common Serial port module: to create new and innovative ways to trigger sounds.

Conduct your custom built patches with the Wiimote by interfacing to the Usine Wiimote module.

Advanced users can create scripts and user modules

For the more adventurous, Usine Hollyhock provides an internal Scripting Language called FastScript. FastScript can be an especially useful tool to deal with arrays, MIDI data, and complex math, or to perform data loops with repetitive iterations and logical conditions. Once compiled, these scripts will appear as a classic module. You’ll find several ready-made scripts and examples in The Browser Panel/modules tab.

For most data, MIDI, and text flow needs, scripts will be the perfect choice. If you want to manipulate audio however, you should consider using the C++ SDK to build your own custom modules. Several examples are also provided to get you started.