A Simple But Powerful Interface

Usine is a modern all-in one Digital Audio Workstation with a very user friendly interface.

  • Open a file? Just Drag-and-Drop it from the browser.
  • Delete an item? Just drop it onto the trash.
  • Accidentally deleted? Just open the trash and get it back.

Are you are tired of being buried in overly-complex and abstract menu bars for every simple action? That is why Usine provides contextual menus on all objects. A simple click reveals what commands you can perform, with a simple and up-front view.

A Complex interface sometimes makes it difficult to focus on your performance, especially when only a few parameters are needed directly at your finger-tips during a critical phrase. Usine provides the ability to zoom in and out on any control; to focus, and to feel comfortable when managing these more complex performances.

And for those of you who prefer the hands-on approach; Usine supports multi-touch screen control!

An intuitive start page

Get rid of the old-fashioned File/Open submenu options.

Just click or touch the picture of a template, example, or recent Workspace to open it.

An icon menu

The icon menu gives you quick access to all of the main features of Usine.

To provide customization and efficiency, each icon can receive key or learned by Midi.

The drag and drop feature

You can Drag & Drop modules, patches, racks, devices, or a even a complete workspace directly from the browser to your setting.

Easily record automation

Tired of lifeless and limited audio effects?

Make your session quickly come alive with movement recording!

With this function you can record a movement on any visual object. This includes common interface objects such as a knob, fader, step and more.

Just click on the record icon to start, click & move the mouse on a visual object, and again click the record icon to stop. The object will repeat the movement and will create an editable curve that has synchronization options to fit perfectly each time.

The trash bin

If you change your mind about a particular session, you can always use the Drag & Drop feature on the trash bin to delete an element of your workspace (patches, racks, devices..).

A simple click on this trash bin will reveal the contents; just in case you have the need to retrieve that once-thought mistake.