Useful External Utilities

Below you will find various links to utilities that perform a wide range of functions. These are some of my favorite and personally most useful utilities I use in conjunction with Usine Hollyhock. -sephult

MIDI Utilities

Tobias Erichsen MIDI Tools

MIDI virtual cable, loopback, and wireless RTP software by Tobias Erichsen

Windows Utilities


Alternative to Windows Explorer. Portable application with extensive features, including instant sound playback. Useful for organizing sound libraries and auditioning.


Statistical storage utility, extremely useful to visualize contents of a storage device. Provides 3D visual feedback on the extension types residing in the scanned drive. Useful to determine, how much space audio, midi, or application files are taking up on a drive.


Extremely useful batch tool that allows rule-based renaming of files, including appending, prepending, etc. Works quite efficiently on huge audio libraries, where renaming is needed to add indicators for tagging.


External color picker to determine hexadecimal codes. Take snapshots of colors and use the codes to implement in your Control Panel design!


Runs many systems tests and reports PDC and other latencies, can be useful to optimize Asio buffer lenght/latency settings while keeping safety settings. ie if you spot a process or drivers that generates latency spikes, you might be able to temporary disable it before performing.(added 15/04/15 by 23fx)